Most people that register their cars at the DVLA don’t really care what kind of number plate they will receive.

There are also many people that want to buy a personalized number plate for their care. The DVLA developed an auction where you can buy a personalized plate number for your car. Before every auction starts, the DVLA publishes a list of numbers that are being offered for sale.

You can make an offer on a specific combination of numbers when the auction starts. Of course, there are many number plates that are really valuable, so need to have a big wallet when you want to bid for the beautiful DVLA plate numbers. Most people that bid at the DVLA auction are real collectors that really want to possess the most beautiful number plates.

What kind of prices is being paid?

The DVLA number plates are worth a lot of money, when it contains a good combination of numbers.

Most plates that are a bit valuable go for around 300 pounds each, but when you are looking for the more collective plates, you need to think about amounts of 50.000 to 60.000 English pounds. Of course, there are also plates for sale in the DVLA action that go for a much lower price.

Why should I buy at the DVLA auctions?

Most plates that are being sold at the DVLA are really valuable. A good bid at the auction makes you sure of a great investment for the future. The DVLA plates are very valuable for collectors; they are willing to pay you a lot of money to own a collective DVLA number plate. You can really make a profit if you are bidding at the DVLA auction in the UK. Of course, not every number plate is valuable. You need to consider every bid you make for a number plate, only a few are worth a lot of money!

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