Baggy trousers

This blog is about fashion.

But that is an elastic concept.

Fashion, after all, includes everything from baggy pants, to the best shirts and ties.

So the question is not what to wear, but what exactly is fashion, because that elastic term also includes those baggy trousers.

Who determined what fashion. Are these the people who buy clothes, the buyers of the stores and online shops, designers, and fashion journalists?

Sometimes I get the feeling that it is the journalists who determine what you and I need to attract.

Although the course designers designing fashion, and proposals to the fashion journalists, who decide of course in turn whether something is beautiful or not.

And we, we buy it, what others like nice experience.

Baggy trousers are good

Fashion, beautiful clothes, we all like to wear.

Or so it should be, because fashion is clothing that others find beautiful, and they think we should wear it.

As for my choice for fashion. Yes, it should look good, but it's also very important that on the one hand are good, and on the other hand, I like it, and not a reporter on fashion.

If I want to put on a baggy trousers, or an old shirt and pale, then I will.

I am, after all, sit down, and I have to walk around with it.

Perhaps the baggy pants, the next few years sometime in fashion, and then we can all wear them.

So, choose your own fashion, and boating not blind to what writes another.

Unless the fashion designers, and especially the fashion journalists in the coming years once old shirts and baggy pants explain to fashion.

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    April 20, 2017