Mobile Internet

Calling will in most cases not as quickly applied via mobile internet.

After all, most users of mobile Internet, subscribe off with a provider that often do well next mobile Internet a number of call minutes, and send some text is in the subscription. His voice minutes in the subscription, you can often just by Call at a somewhat higher rate, unless you have agreed within the subscription that in that case, put a lock on the ability to call, and that's obviously the cost not to rise too high.

But, in that case you can, in some cases, also calls through mobile Internet, without having to have before calling minutes at your disposal. And that can be a good solution, although again not to let too high up the costs.

Calling via mobile Internet is actually very easy

Calling via mobile Internet, without that appeals to the call minutes included in your subscription, is often very easy.

Call via Whatsapp
The most common alternative to make calls over the mobile Internet is Whatsapp. Whatsapp and that has now virtually anyone to chat with friends, also has the ability to everyone, worldwide calling.

That is, in many cases free of charge, at least if the one you want to call, also has whatsapp. The disadvantage is, moreover, think you can not call 112 and other emergency numbers, and that may appear in some cases costs.

Calling via mobile Internet is also possible via Skype. That is to other Skype users completely free, but you can also get cheap subscriptions. For example, in the Netherlands, or if you want to frequently call abroad.

But, and this certainly applies if you can only call other Skype users, also adhere to this service a few drawbacks.

Calling via mobile Internet is indeed possible, but there are some drawbacks. Therefore, this is not a complete capability, such as dialing is the case on your subscription. Only there you must, unless you do not have a maximum number of call minutes in your subscription, be careful that you do not have too much to call.

The options to make calls over the mobile Internet, you should still see as a temporary or emergency solution, for example if you are on call minutes.

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